Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Foundation - Who We Are


Mission Statement:

To enhance Bridgeport area trout fisheries, get kids hooked on fishing, conservation of Bridgeport area waterways, and support outdoor & local programs through non-profit means.

Started in 2003, BFEF is a recognized non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization. The organization is made up of all volunteers. The Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Program began with the idea of purchasing trout for planting in the Bridgeport Reservoir and to supplement brown trout stockings to offset government cutbacks.

BFEF enhances the local trout populations by various means including cage culture fish rearing pens as well as purchasing and stocking various sized Brown and Rainbow Trout into local area waters as our funds and other criteria allow.  Since 2015, BFEF has introduced our BFEF Tagged Trophy Trout Program with a bounty for those fish that are caught, thus allowing our volunteers to track tagged fish.

BFEF volunteers also have entered into public-private partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies, and several private businesses, which benefit all. BFEF volunteers also help educate the public through our programs. Our local waters (northern Mono County) now benefit from our efforts which are supported by non-profit donations that we receive through fund-raising efforts such as; fishing tournaments, letter writing campaigns and donations. BFEF also supports local and outdoor programs in an effort to get kids hooked on fishing.  BFEF also supports programs which help with the conservation of Bridgeport area waterways.  All of our efforts support our long term plan to enhance the local fisheries and improve the angler experience for future generations.

BFEF Board Members:
Ray Robles – Board Member (President)
Alan Pottasch – Board Member
Ken Hoffman – Board Member
Shane Warner – Board Member
Jimmy Ybarra – Board Member

BFEF fish release image